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Imagine sitting at home
with your feet up on the desk
and a nice cold glass of iced tea
in your hands as you chat away…
and make big money doing it!

From: Fabio Marciano of CashMoreChecks.com

Re: The Fastest Way to Build Your List and Make Money Online

Dear Friend,

Do you want to take advantage of absolutely the best way to gain increase your visibility for you and your business for little to no cost? How about raising your image in the marketplace from a no name and quickly achieve guru-status practically overnight? Well here’s your chance to stick out from the crowd and beat your competition. Please take a minute from your busy schedule and read this letter…I promise you will NOT regret it.

My name is Fabio Marciano and I’m a finance person. I’m not a professional ad writer. But what I have to share with you is so extraordinary and so powerful, I decided to write you myself. So bear with me a little.

I recently made a whopping $3,148.96 by following some simple, yet powerful techniques that I’m about to share with you. Best of all I did it from the comfort of my own home! If you’d like to make that kind of money as fast as I made it, then keep reading.

Stop Throwing Your Money Down the Toilet
If you’ve ever spent a dime on marketing or advertising, then you know how hard (and expensive) it is to get your message in front of your target prospect. Imagine a life where you didn’t have to spend your hard-earned money and time on cold-calling people, banner ads, print ads and other forms of media that just don’t pay out!

By leveraging the power of teleseminars, you instantly tap into a virtually 100% automated way of getting prospects and attracting new business….without spending a dime on advertising!

If I could give you a more effective marketing strategy that would “outperform” the selling approach you are currently using, would you be interested? If you’ve been to one of those boring seminars on selling more stuff to people or read any of the books on the same subject, then you probably know the importance of building a relationship with your prospects. Building a rapport and establishing a level of trust with your prospect is critical to your success.

What if you could get access to a powerful tool that would help you “break down” your prospect and quickly and cheaply establish your expertise and credibility with them? How much would you pay for that tool? What if you could do it with dozens upon dozens of prospects at once? Now how much are you willing to pay for that tool? It’s priceless, isn’t it?

Well it’s obvious that I’m talking about teleseminars and telecoaching calls. Hands down they’re one of the most effective marketing strategies around. No wonder everyone from Alex Mandossian to Armand Morin to Mark Victor Hansen and even Brian Tracy are using them.

How much is one more sale to a prospect worth to you? What if you could sell multiple prospects at once? Give yourself some time to quickly add up the numbers of how much money you can make by leveraging your time and “selling” more prospects at once.

I’m writing to tell you about the amazingly profitable world of teleseminars. I stumbled upon the power of giving teleseminars and holding telecoaching calls and to this day I’m amazed at how simple and easy they are to do. But let’s talk about you…

Could you use an extra $500 a month?
How about $1,200?

Sure, we could all use some extra money, but what’s the catch you’re thinking. The trick is there is no catch and that’s the plain and simple truth.

How much money can you really make?” you ask.

Good question. The answer is that it depends. No, I’m not trying to skirt the answer, it’s the truth. Any marketer out there that tells you that you can make a certain amount of money every month is LYING and HYPING their product to get you to buy it. I promise nothing, but I can share with you the results of my FIRST teleseminar that I ever held:

Here’s Fabio’s story…

From concept to going live it took me 12 days. I launched another product via a teleseminar that made me $3,148.96 in the first week I offered it to the public.

Not bad, but it gets better.

I created a residual passive income in the form of a monthly coaching program that brought in
OVER $1,200 a month for one year! If all the coaching clients stay on, that’s over $14,000… generated from ONE CALL!!!

Click to show larger view
(The above processing statement shows a few extra sales beyond the $1,200 ; )
Click the image to enlarge it)

Those are some pretty good results, but it took some hard work to learn how to put together the teleseminar, write the sales copy, get a JV partner on board and then host the teleseminar. Luckily you get the shortcut, blueprint for close to nothing.

So if you’re interested in creating a huge (and immediate) cash flow for yourself or your business, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

“So how am I going to do this?” you ask.

It’s very, very simple. But first let me ask you a question: do you have some information inside that head of yours about practically any subject? Of course you do, we all do. Whether you realize it or not, you have information that other people are willing to pay money (sometimes a LOT of money) for.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can use the power of teleseminars to create multiple streams of income from the knowledge in your head.

Anyone and I mean anyone can use teleseminars to get RICH:

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, salespeople, secretaries, musicians, personal trainers, actors, authors, internet marketers, florists, bakers, dry cleaners, sandwich makers, artists, mechanics, speakers, musicians, jewelry makers…and just about anybody else can make OUTRAGEOUS money from teleseminars.

For very little money to rent a teleconference (bridge) line and your regular cost to make a call, you can be making thousands upon thousands of dollars per month giving one hour and two-hour teleseminars.

Even if you don’t know a thing about a particular hot topic, you can find somebody else who does and get them on a teleseminar and sell their knowledge…without paying them a dime to do it!

Order Now!  

  Getting Started is Simple:

  • A telephone
  • A digital recorder
  • Conference line

Teleseminars are THE cost-effective way of marketing your products and services to the greatest amount of people at one time. The best part is there are….

NO costs for plane flights to seminars…
NO costs for hotel rooms and transportation to and from the airport…
NO time spent away from your family and friends…
NO out-of-pocket expenses for meals…
NO wasted time trying to sell from the platform…
NO need to dress up and “look your best”…
NO costs to rent a room at an expensive hotel to host your seminar…
And a dozen other “NO’s” that you don’t have to worry about…

There are so many positives associated with teleseminars, that I can’t even list them all. Once you read Teleseminar Magic and start hosting your own teleseminars, you’re going to quickly realize that you’ve been missing out on one of the most powerful and profitable ways to market your products and/or stay in touch with your current clients.

Keep in touch with your clients!

(and sell them on more of your services without even trying)

Thanks to the power of teleseminars, you can schedule monthly teleseminars to keep in touch with your clients and help them use your product, teach them a lesson or even sell them a new product or service!

Imagine being able to create that sense of personal contact and interaction with your clients, despite being on the line with 20 to 100 people! No other medium is going to give you that.

"Discover How To Get Rapid Results Selling
Your Products And Services On Your...

...Teleseminars, Teleconferences and Tele-coaching Calls”

Imagine for a moment it’s 3 months from now. You’ve just finished giving your second teleseminar and you quickly check your email to see if you got any orders. A well-known guru in your niche is calling you on your cell phone. He’s excited because of how well you interviewed him and he’s anxious to see how much product the two of you have sold. The count comes in and you’ve EACH earned over $20,000 from going 50/50 on selling his coaching package.

“I could have never done it without you,” he says. “I’m looking forward to the next one.”

A cool $20,000 (or more or less) will soon be in your bank account, just for talking on the phone for close to two hours. $10,000 an hour…not bad work if you can get it. You smile to yourself. Three months ago you could never have imagined this happening to you. You glance over to the white binder on your desk with the words “Teleseminar Magic” scrawled on the spine. The best $47 investment I’ve ever made you mutter to yourself and shake your head.

There’s a knock on the door. Your spouse and kids are anxiously waiting to hear how things went. When you tell them, your spouse runs to hug you and your kids jump up and down, knowing that your promise to take them to Disneyland if things went well will now be honored.

While this is a dramatization, the question remains: how could this have happened? How could you have gone from internet beginner to quickly building a list of thousands and printing money on demand from the comfort of your home?

I know it must sound too good to be true. How can you make money from talking on the phone and even doing teleseminars and conference calls for free, but if you learn the tricks of the seminar trade, you’ll realize how quick and easy it is to get started…and you don’t even have to be an expert in your niche!

Profiting from Your Voice

It’s true! You can make a killing giving and hosting teleseminars. And the best part is that you don’t need to even have a great voice or even high self-esteem to do it! The fact is that no matter who you are, whether you are young or old, rich or poor, and expert or an absolute beginner, I can prove to you readily that you can make money giving and hosting teleseminars.

Let me make a prediction. If you buy Teleseminar Magic today and read it in a weekend and put the tools and steps into action, you’re going to quickly be making more money than you ever thought possible. You’re going to beat the pants off the competition and quickly become a famous expert in your field of work. A small fortune awaits you in the coming months if you follow the easy process outlined in Teleseminar Magic.

The profit potential from holding and hosting teleseminars I limited only by your imagination and your determination to work at creating your information products empire.

I’ve already made a small fortune hosting my teleseminars, but now its your turn to profit.

I have FREE Bonuses reserved in your name. To discover how easy it is to get all of them for FREE, read the rest of this letter. Please do it now because this is a limited time offer, so you must take immediate action to grab this valuable resource.

Now you might be sitting there saying “teleseminars sound great, but I don’t know enough to teach somebody anything.”

That’s BS for two reasons. One, everyone and I mean everyone knows enough about something that other people want to know more about. There are thousands upon thousands of discussion groups and forums on the Internet dedicated to some of the most arcane and bizarre subjects. Chances are that your area of passion has a bigger market than you think, which means you can profit from holding a teleseminar or two.

Secondly, who said you had to know anything to profit from teleseminars? Read on…

Build a Huge Opt-In List,
Generate Massive Website Traffic
and Pull in a Ton of Profits…
With Little Effort

Now that’s a headline if I ever read one, but it’s all possible thanks to the power of teleseminars and joint ventures. One of the secrets of success online is joint ventures. If you know the history of the big name marketers and millionaires online, you’re going to find out that they had help, sometimes a lot of help, when they got started.

If you don’t believe me, just ask any of the big dogs on the Internet and they’ll mention joint ventures in their first sentence or two. JVs are the cheapest source of traffic and the easiest way to profit from someone else’s knowledge and expertise.

It’s an extremely powerful strategy, but you can’t go off and just try to set them up. You must understand how to approach potential partners and how to make them want to do business with you. I go into great detail in Teleseminar Magic on how to approach and pitch gurus and experts within your niche.

FREE Calls = Create a Massive Opt-In List

Some of the savviest marketers out there are holding FREE weekly or bi-monthly big name gurus just to help grow their opt-in lists. I talk about how you can use the powerful strategy of hosting FREE calls and how to use them to quickly build your opt-in subscriber list. But I don’t stop there. I’ll show you how you can use the magic of Fred Gleeck’s Information Products Funnel and turn those freebie seekers into PAYING CUSTOMERS… all on autopilot!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can charge for admission to your teleseminars, anywhere from $19.95 to $47 per call, and more importantly you can create products…on demand!

That’s right, you can instantly create products by holding a teleseminar, recording the call, transcribing it and selling that file as an e-book or better yet…include the audio recording and charge even more!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn
once you get your hands on my course:

    » How to pick profitable topics that will put money in your pocket (page 19)

    » How to quickly learn the information you’re going to share with your audience
          as an expert (yes, you don’t need to know anything to start) (page 26)

    » How to personalize your JV letter to get the attention of practically any expert,
          no matter how big they are! (page 34)

    » The exact JV letter that I used that generated a whopping 64% acceptance rate! (page 37)

    » The exact mechanics of how to get a conference call line, set up the call
          and promote it with minimal effort (page 49)

    » How to Get Your Listeners to Do 90% of the Work For You! (page 60)

    » How to give killer interviews and teleseminars (page 94)

    » How to Turn Your Teleseminar into Multiple Streams of Income (page 112)

    » How to set it all up on autopilot! (page 126)

    » And much, much more…

This isn’t some lengthy e-book that regurgitates information or includes tons of fluff and white space to impress you with its length. You’re not going to have to listen to 10 or 12 tape sets or slog through 400 pages of text. Teleseminar Magic is designed to get you started making money as quickly as possible.

I’ll quickly show you how to get started with only your phone, no opt-in list and barely an idea of what you want to talk about. That’s right, this e-book is hard-hitting and straightforward. You’re going to be able to quickly read it and get started making money immediately!

Imagine being able to train and keep in touch with all the members in your downline! Imagine being able to teach and instruct them how to prospect, how to sell and close more deals…so you can make MORE MONEY from their efforts.

Teleseminars are simply one of the easiest and most powerful ways for you to create highly profitable information products, gain access to the best customers of big name gurus, add value to your existing customers, offer training and help to your clients and make buckets of money in the process.

Teleseminars help bring a human element to your marketing efforts. If you’re operating an online business.

With Your Own Teleseminar Series You Get…

    » Extremely High Profit Margins!

    » A low-risk business you can operate from virtually anywhere
            in the world (you just need a phone and a recorder)

    » Expert status by association when you interview gurus
            in your niche (you become an expert yourself)!

    » An amazing traffic builder from free calls that will quickly
            build your list with qualified leads!

When you take a look at all the money you can make from just one teleseminar and all the FREE bonuses, you’re going to realize that Teleseminar Magic is a tremendous bargain...compared to the cost in materials and time of learning it on your own.  Go it alone or for only $37, you get the hard-hitting e-book, plus 3 must-have bonuses to get your teleseminar business started faster than you ever thought possible.

I don't know you or the products you're going to "pitch" during your teleseminars and I don't want to make a claim about the income you could earn, but it's very possible that you could make that ten times over during your first teleseminar...or more.  At minimum, you could cover your cost of this hard-hitting e-book from hosting... JUST ONE TELESEMINAR!!!

And the risk is on me because you’re totally covered by my personal…

100% Love-It or Shove-It
Money-Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple to understand. Get Teleseminar Magic today. Go through the entire thing. You’ve got 30 days to make up your mind.

If you don’t “see the money” for yourself…If you don’t start creating teleseminar products in 30 days and think up product ideas that are created from those teleseminars…

Then just say the word and you’ll instantly get a 100% complete, no hassles, no questions asked refund. You’ll get your money back right away.

Teleseminar Magic will either get you started on creating your first teleseminar… faster than you ever imagined…

Or just say the word and you’ll get your money back as an instant refund for giving it a try. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and a whole lot of profits to gain. That’s the most anyone could expect out of life! Try it and if you like it, keep it. Try it and don’t like your results, let us know and you get your money back. You’re in a WIN/WIN situation!

But a guarantee of satisfaction is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this amazing offer!

Consider this…

When You Order Before Midnight Tonight,
You’ll Also Get 3 Amazing Bonus Gifts!!!

These 3 killer bonus gifts will boost the value you get out of this course and help accelerate your knowledge of teleseminars and skyrocket your income potential from giving and hosting teleseminars!

Free Exclusive Bonus #1: Teleseminar Quick Start Guide (Value $27)
When you read through any e-book, you’re bound to get a little lost and confused because there’s so much information to digest. Where do you start, what should you watch out for and so on. Just breeze through this short report and you’ll know exactly what to do, step-by-step. A must-have resource for any beginning teleseminar host.

Free Exclusive Bonus #2: Jason Mangrum’s Instant Marketing Miracle e-book: How to Become a Joint Venture Marketing Master (Value $37)
This is quite honestly one of the most well-thought out eBooks on the subject of Joint Ventures that I've seen in quite a while, and you're going to receive it absolutely free, just for purchasing Teleseminar Magic. As you’ll find out once you read through my e-manual, joint ventures are an important reason why the big names in internet marketing (and business in general) are where they are today. If you’re serious about growing your business, then you need to learn how to do joint ventures and Jason’s going to show you how you can do it quickly and without spending a dime!

Free Exclusive Bonus #3: Professional Recording for Information Publishers (Value $27)
To skyrocket your income from teleseminars, you’re going to want to record them and then turn those files into multiple products. Learn from one of the leading experts in the audio recording business: Mike Stewart. This hard-hitting, no-holds-barred report will give you everything you need to know in order to record your calls the right way…then turn them into additional products down the line.


  Only 3 Bonuses? Why So Few?

That’s right, only 3 bonuses.

Look, $47 is already an unbeatable steal for this e-course. If I sat there and scoured the Internet and added 7 crappy “e-books with resale rights” as bonuses, it would cheapen my own product. The reality is that you probably wouldn’t even read those bonus e-books.

The reports and bonuses that I have included are all you need to quick start the process of becoming a teleseminar pro and making a killing from talking on the phone.

By clicking below, you will have immediate download access to the reports and Teleseminar Magic. You can begin reading them immediately and if you follow the action plans in the course, you’re going to be wishing you had started a lot sooner.

(and finally start profiting from your passion)

By now you should know that teleseminars are simply one of the easiest and most powerful ways for you to create highly profitable information products, gain access to the best customers of big name gurus, add value to your existing customers, offer training and help to your clients and make buckets of money in the process.

So what are you going to do? Now’s the time to change your financial future for good and become an expert in your field.

Those are some pretty valuable bonuses that will give you everything that you need to succeed giving telecoaching and hosting teleseminars. And the whole kit and caboodle is only $47. That’s a bargain compared to the amount of money you can make from your first call.

To sweeten the pot, I’m going to throw in some unadvertised bonuses that will arrive shortly after you receive your copy of Teleseminar Magic.

Here’s the bottom line on this incredible resource...

“Teleseminar Magic: How You Can Get ANY Guru to Create and Promote Your Products, and Build Your List… for FREE!”
will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Identify a Profitable Topic for your teleseminars…
  • Guide you through the entire process of setting up, promoting and profiting
    from your very own teleseminars…
  • Proven strategy and tools to get your listeners to do 90% of the work for you!
  • How to give Killer Interviews and Coach your students for maximum profits…
  • Strategies to overcome your last-minute jitters and fear of public speaking…
  • How to deal with difficult attendees without losing control of your calls…
  • How to quickly build your opt-in list by getting big name gurus to do the work for you…
  • Leverage your calls to create multiple products and multiple streams of income
    from the same information!
  • How to turn FREE calls into an endless stream of qualified prospects and BUYERS…
  • The best way to follow-up with your attendees in order to stay in touch, build a relationship,
    close the sale…and sell more products down the line for backend profits!
  • Build a MASSIVE OPT-IN LIST that you can convert into buyers…
  • …and much MORE!

Pardon my audacity, but I’m willing to bet $47 that your business can be a lot more profitable than it is now. If you read through the product and apply the lessons in the course and don’t like what you’ve learned, redeem it for a full refund.

Try it at my risk! You have my unconditional guarantee that this product will be worth your investment.

Are you ready to take charge of your financial future and skyrocket your income through the power of teleseminars? Are you ready to completely change your life forever in the matter of a few months?

Within a few short days you can be sitting there sipping champagne, celebrating the fact that you just launched your first information product and had your first teleseminar. So what are you waiting for? Get started on the path to making those dreams a reality!

Yours for greater business success,

Fabio Marciano

P.S. – Remember, you have nothing to lose with my 100% money back guarantee. I know that you’ll be blown away by the information in this course. If you don’t feel that it’s worth at least three times what you paid for it, return it for a no-hassles refund. Click here to get your copy now and start your teleseminar business immediately!

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Yes! Fabio! Give Me Teleseminar Magic Right Now!

I understand I’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to create an information product again!

I understand that if I don’t come up with some killer teleseminar topics and product ideas…if I don’t do it in less time than I ever imagined…I can get my money back within 30 days.

That means I have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot of profits to gain! On that risk-free basis, I’m pressing the order button below now!

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